Flexible dividing wall in corrugated paper with low opacity that allows the passage of light. Ecological and delivered in kit which allows for minimal storage space despite its size. It can be easily sanitized with a cloth soaked in an alcoholic solution.

  • Self-supporting stands in birch wood
  • Easily sanitizable with an alcoholic solution
  • Easy to assemble and shape thanks to the flexibility of the panel
  • Allows you to easily divide spaces, allowing for privacy and distancing
  • Totally sustainable and recyclable
  • Storage in a small space
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Technical features


multi birch 12mm (legs)
opalescent corrugated paper 220gr (roll)

Mounted size

150x190x41 cm (LxHxP)
250x190x41 cm (LxHxP)


21 x 122 x 27 cm (LxHxP) | weight: 5.5 Kg
31 x 122 x 27 cm (LxHxP) | weight: 7.5 Kg