A wooden floor display made with the interlocking technique, which can be completed with different accessories. A light, versatile and sustainable display solution.

  • Customizable according to customer needs
  • Shelves for products to be placed on
  • Hooks for hanging products
  • Hooks with bar ideal for hanging clothing
  • Freedom of positioning thanks to the holes on the back

Technical Features



<h6>✓ multi bet 12mm
✓ multi poplar bil. white (top)</h6>

External Dimensions

<h6>150 x 75 x 74 cm (LxHxP)<br />
64,5 x 197 x 40 cm (LxHxP)</h6>


<h6>64,5x197x40 cm (LxHxP) | peso: 12,3 Kg<br />
105,4x197x40 cm (LxHxP) | peso: 17 Kg</h6>