Fiero 1000

199,00 + iva

Fiero, reception desk with an ideal height for reception but also for use as a desktop consultation and/or high display station. Back with storage plan. It can be assembled/disassembled, transported and stored easily, becoming a flatpack if necessary.

  • The perfect reception desk at the fair
  • Hidden storage space on the back
  • Quick to assemble / disassemble
  • It is assembled without the use of tools
  • Easy to transport and store because of his flat pack¬†

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Technical Features


betulla 12 mm



External dimentions

100x95x49 cm (WxHxD)

Useful floor space

60 x 49 cm (WxD)

Space between shelves

46 cm


102x110x6 cm (WxHxD) | weight: 21 kg