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A display for greeting cards that makes everyone happy…

Once upon a time there was a greeting card, but not a common greeting card, a special card, with an extra gift: a beautiful paper flowers bouquet, to stay in the heart (and maybe on the desks or on the bedside table…), of those who received it.

Mini Flora, this was its name, knew it had that something extra, that it was able to bring surprise and wonder to those who received it, but how to tell this peculiarity? After all, greeting cards can’t speak.

Espositore customizzato Esposit per mini Flora Origamo

Fortunately, Mini Flora’s house, which it shared with other cards like them, was very comfortable and sturdy, certainly created by someone who knew his job.

It was made of wood, which matched well with its delicate appearance and enhanced its colors. It could lie comfortably on its support, well protected by a wooden bar, which kept it steady even in case of movement and allowed it to show everyone its beauty in full.

Even the flowers inside were clearly visible in the upper part of the structure, so even without words, the mini Flora could proudly show everyone the wonder they kept inside them and that they couldn’t wait to give away. Mini Flora’s house was not big, in fact it was quite small, but it had everything it needed to make it feel comfortable and at the same time important and seen by everyone, so much so that now more and more people want to share the beauty of these greeting cards, which speak with flowers.

Mini Flora’s story is not a fairy tale but a true story: the protagonists are the new mini Flora cards by Origamo and our display created to enhance the product.

New product, new challenges

Mini Flora is part of the Florever® range, which translates into a floral version the effect of surprise that characterizes Origamo products through real paper popup bouquets, which open simply by pressing the base. It’s like receiving a bouquet of flowers that never withers.
Also in this case the peculiarities of the product must be shown and enhanced in the exhibition (because precisely, the product does not have words), at trade fairs but especially in retail, where however often spaces are reduced, a premise to keep in mind well.


Espositore da terra per biglietti di auguri popup Origami
Espositori Esposit per biglietti di auguri Origamo

Optimizing spaces

We therefore needed to think of a small display that could contain the 8 mini Flora references showing also some examples of the open bouquet, the real uniqueness of the product.
We designed an inclined floor display with enough space in the crowner to place two examples of open bouquets, contained in cute colored watering cans.

The furniture allows you to show all 8 subjects of the range and have space for stock. To stop the cards on the shelves we used sticks, which maximize the visibility of the product and which also allow you to move the full display without dropping the cards (which apparently are also very comfortable). The dimensions are small, with 30cm wide for a solid and durable floor display, but light, that enhances the product, to be placed near the entrance or at checkout.

And the first feedbacks are definitely positive given the explosion of requests after presenting the product in its display at Homi fair in Milan and at Springfair in Birmingham, UK’s leading fair for gift, home furnishings, party and greeting cards. So we can say mission accomplished.

Sustainable, like us

Origamo is a brand who cares about sustainability throughout its supply chain, so it could only choose a display that shared and represented the same values. As you may already know, the wooden interlocking system of Esposit allows to be particularly sustainable compared to competitors, but not only: the elegance of wood and design enhances the product and makes it perceived as precious. Moreover, this material in natural finish connects certainly to the imagery of ecology, but also has a particular affinity with the product, recalling the plant world, therefore the flowers, and the origin of the materials, paper. If you also want to make your products’ life more comfortable but also display them in an effective, pragmatic and sustainable way, contact us.

stand Origamo con espositori in legno ad incastro Esposit

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