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Displays for greeting cards, our solution for Origamo

Can an display influence the success of a product?

We are sure it can, and to prove it, we’ll share our experience with Origamo, the most popular handmade greeting cards in Italy.


Even greeting cards have their own fair: “Progressive Greetings Live” , the world’s most important event in this industry. This fair is held in London, the UK, which is the leading country in the design, production, and sale of this particular product.

For this strategic event, Origamo chose a stand entirely “made in Saglietti Group,” with Esposit displays that distinguished themselves for elegance and practicality, specifically designed to meet the needs and values of the brand.

A new dimension requires new solutions

The important feature of Origamo cards, in addition to their craftsmanship, is the use of the popup technique, which gives a new dimension to greeting cards.

Being three-dimensional means that it’s no longer possible to display the cards in a classic way because, if the content must remain a surprise for the recipient, those who purchase a greeting card must evaluate it in both its versions.

Of course, there’s the option of leaving “tester” cards closed in the exhibitor, but the effect is not the same, and the product’s uniqueness isn’t highlighted.

In this specific case, the client’s requirement was to display from 14 to 32 different greeting cards, opened, reserving enough space for a certain number of cards to be sold.

Stand Esposit Saglietti Group per Origamo

We responded to this request with a simple, elegant, and lightweight solution: a shelf made using a metallic wire to be hung on the display. This solution allows to comfortably display the opened card in front of the space that can contain up to 6 cards ready for sale.

Espositori in legno a incastro Esposit per Origamo by Saglietti Group

Wood also plays its part

In addition to functional aspects, there’s another important element that links our displays to Origamo’s brand values: wood.

The natural material, the simple genius of the interlock joint, the sustainability of the Esposit system, is in line with Origamo’s ethical and ecological message and consistent with the nature of the handmade product.

From the fair to the store

The solution found for Origamo not only meets the requirements of displaying and highlighting the product and consistency with the brand’s values, but also, according to Esposit’s philosophy, practicality of transport and assembly.

The wooden displays presented at the fair are, in some cases, the same ones found in the stores. The interlock wooden display’s body, with its easy-to-attach shelves, is positioned on an already assembled rotating base. Everything can be assembled in a few minutes, four minutes say most of the shop owners who are using this display.

Nothing more complicated than classic metal exhibitors for greeting cards and postcards, but with a decidedly superior added value, as the numbers prove.

Niente di più complicato rispetto ai classici espositori in metallo per biglietti di auguri e cartoline, ma con un valore aggiunto decisamente superiore, lo provano i numeri.

CEO Origamo con espositori in legno per bigli

The display makes the difference

Displaying a product with a display that enhances it compared to the competition, translated in a 40% sales increase for Origamo.

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