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How to display an innovative product in a traditional large scale retail space

A start-up, a project that combines technology and sustainability, a different way of purchasing and consuming fresh vegetables – these are the ingredients of our project, together with Agricooltur®, and probably the ingredients of your future salads, but let’s take it step by step.

Saglietti per Agricoolture

Live plants in stores

Agricooltur® is a start-up born in the province of Turin that develops patented systems for aeroponic cultivation. Cultivating with this technique allows plants to grow without soil and with a much smaller amount of water than traditional crops.

The peculiarities of this method make it possible to imagine a series of opportunities for agriculture in urban spaces, but also open up to new possibilities for the purchase and consumption of vegetables, which arrive in stores not only fresh, but also alive. Agricooltur® is the first company to combine aeroponic cultivation with a direct sales channel: plants arrive in stores with its roots intact and, above all, still alive.

Aeroponic salads, herbs, and microgreens are therefore still available alive in shops and supermarkets, unlike what we are used to buying in fruit and vegetable stalls.

But how can we make customers understand the novelty, the benefits of this product, and how it works? And, together with the product, we must provide the materials to transport it home correctly and comfortably. All in the space of a display case, which must also be practical to transport and assemble.


Explaining the product through a display

We have therefore created a wooden display case that is also an information panel.

The plants are placed on leaf shaped shelves and at the bottom, there is space that holds the materials to transport the pots. The display, made of birch and with the characteristic interlocking system of Esposit, the information related to the product and the instructions are directly printed in four colors on the wood.

Espositore in legno a incastro per ortofrutta nella GDO
Espositore  per ortofrutta in legno a incastro Esposit

In this way, the company has the advantage of simultaneously having a display for the customers and a communication support that reflects in material, form, and graphics, the product and company values.

In our experience with Agricooltur®, we find the perfect combination between a traditional material like wood and an ancient practice like agriculture, declinated in a version that looks to the future, increasingly sustainable.

And in your experience, how difficult is it to communicate innovation in stores?


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