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A corner display designed to concentrate clothing in a sustainable kit

Changing the way we present ourselves in retail shops, perhaps by becoming more sustainable, it’s the intention of many brands, which are often hindered by the fear that this choice will somehow lead to a loss of functionality.

However, those who have trusted us have discovered how rethinking display methods can instead be an opportunity to optimize even more practical aspects, as well as obviously reduce the environmental impact. Like Leone Apparel 1947, a sportswear and leisurewear brand, with whom we have collaborated to design promotional display corners.

Corner abbigliamento con espositori in legno ad incastro Leone Apparel

Looking ahead is alwys worth it

Leone Apparel reinvents the historic clothing brand born in the boxing ring and that now accompanies men, women, and children in fitness and leisure. The vintage inspiration of the fabrics is declined in modern cuts, consistent with contemporary life and aesthetics. In short, a brand that, remaining faithful to its origins, is not afraid to evolve.

This also applies to the ways in which it presents itself to the public, taking the opportunity of a promotional campaign in retail stores and shopping centers to abandon metal displays in favor of a recyclable and ecological solution, which also optimizes logistics.

Displaying clothing, the challenges…

In designing these display corners, the client’s request was not only to use sustainable materials, and to limit the stand within an area of 250 x 250 cm, but they also wanted to be able to ship it on a pallet and that the display had to be assembled directly by the store personnel.

In addition to these requests, the specific merchandising sector’s peculiarities had to be considered, so the need to have space for both hanging and folded clothes, as well as shelves for promotions and to display sports bags. Also, having a kids’ line, it was necessary to take into account the small dimensions of children’s clothes, thinking about a specific hanger.

Of course, brand recognition is essential, especially considering that Leone Apparel 1947 corners would be positioned in large stores, and therefore the brand must be recognizable at first glance.

dettaglio mobile sostenibile Esposit per esposizione abbigliamento
Stand completo Esposit esposizione abbigliamento

…and the solutions

To create a compact, welcoming, and less dispersed space, we delimited the stand using two side clothing displays, with the presence of shelves for the products, as well as a clothes rail for hanging hangers. The visibility is 360 degrees, so no matter where the stand is positioned, the product can be appreciated from all sides.

Between these two pieces of furniture, benches and a table are positioned as additional shelves, but with an additional feature: the table has side milled grooves that allow hangers to be hung, an ideal space for the t-shirts of the kids’ line, creating a place for smaller items of clothing.

But the optimization does not end here, since as already mentioned, the entire corner is contained in a single pallet weighing 120kg, which can be shipped to the store, where the staff will directly take care of the assembly: the Esposit wooden display system’s interlocking system is simple, fast, and does not require tools. In this way, logistics costs are also contained.

Versatile furnishings

From an idea comes an idea, and designing with the needs of a particular merchandising sector in mind does not necessarily mean limiting the use possibilities of a piece of furniture. Certainly, for this display corner, we created displays like Venice, effectively designed and made specifically for clothing, but the other elements of the stand are incredibly versatile: the Leon table can also be used as a desk; in fact, the grooves that house the hangers are perfect for passing cables, while the Dolly benches are designer seats, display surfaces, and at the same time, containers.

In conclusion, regardless of the product sector, trying to change and be sustainable benefits the environment and sharpens ingenuity. And for you, what are the biggest obstacles to making more environmentally friendly choices in the point of sale? Let’s talk about it!

Corner promozionale per abbilgiamento in kit sostenibile Esposit

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