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A wooden display table with interlocking components for field-testing Ludic games

Every now and then, we say that assembling our interlocking wooden displays is child’s play, and indeed, building one of our pieces may bring back fond memories of childhood construction projects. Of course, at Esposit, we take our play seriously, finding simple solutions to our client’s complex needs, often solving challenging puzzles ourselves, as in the case of Ludic.

Ripiano tavolo espositore in legno ad incastro per giochi da tavolo

The educational game made in Italy

Ludic is a brand of Headu, a young Italian company that produces educational games with an innovative teaching method, particularly focused on the development of emotional intelligence. Headu’s products are aimed at younger children and promote a new way of thinking and learning naturally, according to their inclinations.

The Marche-based company applies the same principles to its Ludic product line, which targets an older age group, with board games for everyone that aim to keep the mind active, develop personal skills in different areas, and of course, have fun together.

It is a highly engaging product that cannot be displayed in a traditional manner.

The solution is to play with interlocking components

In fact, to present a game, an attractive packaging is necessary, and it is essential to explain the strengths and functions as clearly as possible. However, to truly understand and appreciate a board game, it must be tested. This is why Ludic’s request was very specific: to have a space to display the open product for testing.

This first challenge was then followed by others: this furniture had to be sturdy and compact because gaming events and fairs are crowded, and even in retail, space is often limited. Additionally, the same support had to be able to contain product inventory and be lightweight, easy to assemble, and transport.

Espositore in legno per giochi da tavolo in fiera
Tavolo espositore Esposit per Ludic Dimostrazione in fiera

A single piece of furniture with multiple functions

We proposed a table with a lower shelf at the perfect height for standing and playing quickly, thus encouraging a flow of players.

On the table’s surface, we added small edges to prevent game components, even the smallest ones, from falling off, while the lower shelves allowed the product to be contained. The base is reinforced for greater stability, making it resistant even during the most passionate matches.

The display is made of wood and it uses our interlocking technique, which is easy to assemble as required and weighs less than 15 kg, an added advantage when participating in various events.

The furniture has been customized with the brand logo printed on all the four sides, maximizing visibility.

The choice of wood is consistent with Headu’s attention to quality in the production of its games, with the search for materials as an important component.

Not just for playing

We designed this furniture to test board games, but this type of display is suitable for the many types of products that need to be shown or tested, not only at trade shows but also in retail stores, perhaps during promotional events in dedicated corners, where internal staff or promoters can assemble the display with ease and without the need for any tool.

You can find more information about our solution for Ludic here.

Have you ever thought of a different way to present your product? Tell us your idea.

tavolo espositore ad incastro in legno Esposit

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