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A versatile product, design capability, and shared values: this is how our collaboration with Juratoys was born and continues

Wooden toys and wooden displays – some associations are too obvious to imagine, but what is not obvious is building a lasting relationship of trust with a brand.

In fact, we have been collaborating with Juratoys for years, one of the most important and recognized brands of wooden toys with a traditional flavor but with a design and educational value that is always current. For the Juratoys group, among others, we handle the Kaloo brand, which has created the famous and incredibly soft plush toys for babies. The Kaloo products are also characterized by great attention to design, production, and materials.

Espositori in legno a incastro Esposit per giocattoli Kaloo

Recognizable over time

We are talking about a very recognizable brand, which is associated with a specific product, aesthetic, and quality. Therefore, the presence in point of sale must be equally recognizable and consistent with the brand, even as the collections renew.

As a result, the main request they made for displays was to give continuity to the history of the brand by adapting the furniture to the specific needs of the different products. But how to achieve this need?

A perfect synergy

Every project starts with a brief, on which we work closely with the Kaloo marketing team. Needs and solutions are studied together to create tailor-made projects, given the variety of products and different display needs.

An example is the Dollhouse for soft Tendresse dolls. The display it resembles a multi-story dollhouse on which the products are placed. At the top, instead of the crowner, we have the roof, which creates the necessary space to position not only the brand but also a giant doll, which acts as a showcase for the brand. The furniture is customized with pink color that recalls the colors of the packaging, in a delicate combination with natural wood.

Espositore per bambole a Casetta Tendresse Kaloo
Espositori per peluche in legno Esposit

The display for Petit Calm products has a more traditional design, it holds soft pluches that heat up to comfort the sleep of children. In this case, the main requirement was to have a small and manageable furniture, perfect for fitting into small spaces in busy areas.

We also created a furniture for complete corners to be placed in large stores: a self-supporting wooden wall that, despite its size, is packaged in small-size cartons (see the Rack300 product).

We do our part

The synergy works when there is a product that meets the customer’s needs, such as the Esposit system, which with its interlocking, ease of assembly, and its particularity of being shipped in a kit makes logistics advantageous. And then there is the quality of the design as well as the possibility of customizing the displays, all characteristics that perfectly meet the needs of the before mentioned brand.

In our experience with Kaloo, product and service work together and are at the base of a long lasting collaboration over the years, which we hope will continue to grow.

Parete attrezzata in legno ad incastro per giocattoli Kaloo

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