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Enhance your product with the warmth of wood and the advantages of the interlocking technique.

Stationery stores and bookshops are usually neatly and pleasantly chaotic spaces, colorful and full of stimuli. Therefore, if you want to attract attention, it is necessary to creatively display your product. This is especially true if you are not dealing with a book, which generally has a more or less codified position on the shelves, but with one of the many themed gadgets that we can find in these stores, such as the Meditathe cups and lamps for which we have created the display.

Espositore in legno da terra per tazze Meditathe in libreria

Cups in a bookstore

Meditathe imagines accompanying reading with a cup of tea, a comfort for the body and soul. It is a small company that produces original literary cups with quotes from famous authors, adorned with delicate and elegant graphics. From these cups, the Meditathe lamps were born in response to high public demand. Customers who saw the literary mugs illuminated at the Turin Book Fair booth asked if these “lamps” were for sale.

Both products are made with high-quality porcelain, which is highly resistant despite being more transparent. It is certainly a unique and recognizable object that could risk getting lost among the shelves of bookstores. How can it be displayed with the visibility it deserves?

Attracting attention

We had to take into account several peculiarities when designing a display for Meditathe, as it often happens with our collaborations (yes, we are very lucky to be able to work with many beautiful artisanal companies).

First of all, the brand consists of only two products that have many variants. Therefore, the collection must be displayed in an organized manner to make all the different graphics visible. As we have already mentioned, bookshops and stationery stores are full of items that compete for attention. Therefore, a custom display is the only possible way to get the right visibility.

We created a wooden floor display to contain and display the entire collection. The display is double-sided and can be positioned in high-traffic areas such as large corridors or to fill the spaces near the entrances. On the shelves, cups and lamps can be positioned according to the particular needs of the retailer.

Espositore da terra in legno ad incastro per tazze e lampade in libreria

Inspiration comes from the product

Regarding customization, the logos on the lower part of the display and on the crowner make the brand immediately recognizable, while other aesthetic elements immediately refer to the product, such as the blue color often used in the graphics and packaging, and the side holes with the shape of the cup, which also give lightness to the structure and provide an additional window from which to “peek” at the products.

In promoting the brand, the contribution of wood cannot be ignored, as it is consistent with the typical imagery of materials found in bookstores and evokes craftsmanship and warmth. Large and small details make a display a unique, precious, and original piece of furniture, just like Meditathe products.

The display is key to promotion

In addition to its display effectiveness, Esposit also offers another great advantage: interlocking, a feature that makes it possible to optimize the size and weight of the carton boxes for easier and cheaper transportation. Simplifying logistics allows the display to be considered as the base of in-store promotional campaigns.

To summarize, we have found a solution for Meditathe to contain the entire collection, provide visibility, and immediate recognition. This is another proof of how a display is a real communication tool to enhance the value of a product (you can find another example here).

In your experience, how difficult is it to combine identity and functionality? We look forward to hearing your stories and working together to design something unique.


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