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From retail to trade show booths, interlocking wooden displays combine nature and functionality.

When thinking of a way to display natural cosmetics, wooden displays are among the first solutions that come to mind. The warmth and feel of this material immediately evoke themes such as naturalness, wellness, respect for the environment, and sustainability. However, making nature a core value does not mean sacrificing technically advanced solutions, and this applies to both cosmetics and design, as demonstrated by our experience with Naïf.

Stand Naif cosmesi naturale

The client

Naïf is a Dutch natural cosmetics company with products for both children and adults. Their green philosophy goes beyond the choice of ingredients and applies to packaging, made from bioplastic, and shipping methods. They are a vegan brand that does not use ingredients harmful to the marine ecosystem, and their work environment is also characterized by sustainable practices. As a company where nature and sustainability are core values, Naïf could not overlook these aspects in their displays, especially at trade shows when presenting to potential buyers.

Nature is not enough

Naïf participates in 15 different trade shows every year. Therefore, the stand’s design must be in line with the brand’s values and visual identity while also being designed to be assembled and disassembled within reasonable times by the company’s internal staff who will then run the event.

In addition to the assembly requirements, another important request was to optimize the storage weight and volume as much as possible to reduce logistics costs. Therefore, a 32 sqm stand had to be reduced to 2 cubic meters and weigh less than 300 kg.

This posed a significant technical challenge, which we solved with the interlocking Esposit furniture.

allestimento stand cosmetica naturale con Esposit
stand fieristico in una scatola Esposit

The sustainable stand that fits in a box

For the Naïf stand, we designed a configuration with interlocking wooden displays and furniture that match the brand’s colors, providing space for product display, meetings, and negotiations.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, we did not forget the client’s logistical requirements: all these furniture pieces have the feature that once disassembled, they fit into standard boxes measuring 120cm x 80cm x h 120cm, easy to transport.

The interlocking system allows the staff to assemble and disassemble furniture easily and without the use of tools.

Therefore, Naïf participates in trade shows throughout Europe with a stand that represents their values of naturalness and sustainability, but customized through careful design and industrial precision.

A repeatable success

Research and production excellence characterize our entire Esposit catalog, which also includes furniture used for the Naïf stand, products that can be customized according to company needs: the Fiero 1000 counter, the Twin Maxi display, the Naif table, and the Rack 300 wall in a modified version for Naïf.

So, among many possible uses, we have seen that interlocking wooden furniture fits perfectly with the needs of those who create natural cosmetics because even the simplest ingredients become incredibly functional with the right technical expertise (and let’s not forget a pinch of creativity).

What do you think are the main challenges in creating a trade show booth? Let’s solve them together.


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