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From lighting to recycling, yet more eco-friendly design accessories

We started talking about our sustainable cardboard design collection Rialto starting from the containers.

An essential product, but not easy to achieve, especially if we want it to be durable, functional, sustainable, refined, and versatile enough to adapt to different furniture styles.

If all these features seem natural for our Rialto containers, it’s precisely because they are the result of great technical expertise and design study, in short, the essence of the Made in Italy declined in a sustainable way.

This design skill is even more evident in the other accessories of the Rialto line. Like RiSEDIA.

sgabello in cartone Risedia montato-min

RiSEDIA, the extra seat is not a problem

RiSEDIA is a multi-purpose cardboard stool: a seat with an essential yet original design, perfect in workspaces, at fairs, and for event setups.

Even RiSEDIA is entirely made of cArtù, the corrugated cardboard Made in Italy based on 100% recycled paper, a sustainable material, but also solid and durable.

We’ve already mentioned that the stool from the Rialto line is resistant; let’s add that it can be assembled and disassembled in an instant, and when no longer needed, it folds down, taking up very little space for storage.

So if we need to quickly create additional seating or find a small support for a coffee break, RiSEDIA is the ideal solution, with an extra secret: the removable seat hides a storage compartment where you can store documents, samples, or work materials.

P.S.: Even though it’s made of cardboard, we assure you it’s comfortable.

Of course, we like to combine this stool with the other accessories in the collection to give an eco-friendly touch to our setups (we think it looks good even in a retail environment…) Buy it here with free shipping.

Danubio, the naturally elegant lamp

And to light up our beautiful sustainable office or stand, here is Danubio, a multi-purpose cardboard lamp.

Like the other products in the Rialto collection, Danubio is also made entirely of cArtù, solid and easy to assemble; it is, of course, certified by the IEC standards applicable to electrical products.

Thanks to the naturalness of the paper, Danubio’s diffused light gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the environment.

Perfect as a light source on the table or desk, the Danubio cardboard lamp with its original design is the perfect addition to give a creative and eco-friendly touch to the office, without losing professionalism. Buy it here with free shipping.

Danubio lampada in cartone Esposit-min
ristino cestino per riciclo carta di design rialto esposit-min

RISTINO, recycling with style in every sense

To create our collection of sustainable office accessories Rialto, we said we use a material based on recycled paper; so, if you want to help us create more beautiful products, we recommend that you carefully separate your waste, and to make it easier for you, we have created a container to collect it in style.

Ristino is a multi-purpose cardboard bin that offers an ecological and refined solution for paper collection in workspaces.

So no more improvised cardboard boxes or plastic bins, with Ristino whoever enters your workspace will know that you take your paper recycling task seriously.

And then, the elegant and essential design fits any style of furniture, helping to create a clean and tidy environment (not just because we throw away scraps of paper). Find it here with free shipping.

prodotti rialto tutti
risedia, danubio rialto esposit

With the Rialto line, we wanted to complement the spaces that we already furnish easily, lightly, and sustainably such as offices, fairs, multifunctional spaces, and retail environments.

What do you think of the new collection?


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