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The flexible, reusable and sustainable display system that changes with your needs

News continues at Esposit: introducing the new line of adjustable displays, an innovative way to showcase products that captures the audience’s attention elegantly yet flexibly adapts to the exhibitor’s needs.

Espositori regolabili con piani orizzontali ed inclinati Esposit

Welcome IVO: the adjustable shelving display system

And here comes IVO, the revolutionary system with adjustable shelves, the perfect solution to meet evolving exhibition needs. We truly believe that the display of the future is sustainable as well.

IVO is a simple and fast system (and it couldn’t be otherwise…) based on the use of metal wire interlocked on a wooden structure. This exclusive design allows flexible adjustment of the display, enabling the use of shelves both horizontally and inclined. Moreover, raising or lowering the shelves is a breeze, just a simple gesture. Maximum display versatility in one solution!

“All in one” displays, a sustainable choice

Did we mention that IVO is sustainable? We already know that wooden display furnishings have significantly longer lifespans compared to those made, for example, from cardboard. With adjustable displays, the duration of use is further extended thanks to the “all in one” system.

Imagine being able to decide independently each time how to display our products in the store; with IVO, this vision becomes reality: indeed, the new adjustable shelving display system aims to make the entire furniture collection adjustable and adaptable to future needs, even those that may be unknown at the time of purchase.

So if the same piece of furniture allows us different display modes, sustainability doesn’t only concern the material’s nature but also the possibility of reusing the furniture. Less waste, but also more savings.

Espositori in legno con ripiani regolabili in altezza Esposit
Espositori regolabili in legno con ripiani e ganci Esposit

Flexibility is beautiful

So far, we’ve said that our adjustable displays are a practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solution, but what about design?

With the adjustable shelving system, it’s possible to envision every presentation as a work of art, an opportunity to attract the audience’s attention, with the support of a neutral, lightweight, and elegant structure. Shelf adjustment is truly intuitive, and it’s easy to customize the display according to needs.

IVO is made with FSC-certified plywood and designed to fit any environment.

The revolution in reatail it’s here

Find on our website different types of displays with adjustable shelves in height and inclination, but also hooks for the products that needs to be hanged.

The revolutionary way to display it’s here to discover.


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