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A collection of sustainable accessories with a unique design and quality Made in Italy

We have already presented in detail Karya, our office furniture line created according to the Esposit philosophy. Now, let’s discover another novelty that will make workspaces, and not only, more beautiful and functional. In this case, though, “beautiful” is probably the keyword.

rialto accessori ufficio in cartoni ecofriendly 1

We’re talking about the Rialto line, a range of sustainable design accessories made of corrugated cardboard that, with their elegance, make even a simple container special.

Perfect for the office, but also for studios or retail spaces, Rialto products combine design and sustainability. They are incredibly practical and characterized by the attention to detail that is one of our strengths.

The choice of cardboard

Obviously, the first thing that catches the eye, after the beauty of the design, is the material, namely cardboard: a novelty in the Esposit catalog, where wood with its durability has always been the protagonist.

For these accessories, we wanted to make a different choice, but ultimately not so far from our roots, even in a literal sense, with an eco-friendly material that expresses itself in an original way when worked with wisdom and technology.

The Rialto collection

The Rialto office collection consists of containers of different sizes, a basket, a multipurpose stool, and a lamp, diverse products that share unique characteristics:

  • Original design: sophisticated and elegant, yet essential, they adapt to any type of decor.
  • Sustainable: they are made of 100% recycled paper-based material from FSC and PEFC certified sources.
  • Resilient: the thickness and structure of the cardboard make them sturdy and resistant.
  • Made in Italy: both for the refined design and because cArtù is high-quality corrugated cardboard Made in Italy.
  • Functional: they can be folded down and take up very little space. They are versatile and can be assembled and disassembled in an instant.

Let’s explore the Rialto range together, starting with the containers:

Rialto Small and XL: organize with style

When we don’t know where to put documents, magazines, cables, chargers, and all those items that end up cluttering desks, shelves, or scattered around the room, now with Rialto, we can gather and organize them with style.

Rialto baskets are made of lightweight corrugated cardboard with an elegant design that adds a touch of elegance to any environment, contributing to making it more orderly and harmonious.

As always, functionality is not underestimated: the baskets have convenient handles for easy carrying, they can be disassembled in an instant, folded down, and stored in very little space.

The Rialto baskets are available in two sizes, Rialto Small and Rialto XL, to meet every organizational need.

cesti rialto in cartone ondulato sostenibile 1
Set contenitori in cartone per ufficio e negozio Rifuso 2

Rifuso, the design that conserves and displays

Not only for storage but also for display, Rifuso is a set of 3 containers made of high-quality corrugated cardboard and Made in Italy.

An eco-friendly solution to store small items but also to display loose products in retail spaces, at trade shows, or events.

The set includes 3 containers of different sizes with a minimal and refined design that enhances and makes the contents more precious.

The Rifuso container set is available in three colors: black, white, and tan, neutral tones that match any decor and can also be combined for a more dynamic display.

Obviously, Rifuso also makes a great impression in the office, so not only do we have a clutter-free desk, but also a more beautiful and sustainable one.

Now that we’ve tidied up our spaces, in the next article, we’ll talk about the other accessories in the Rialto line, which you can already purchase here with free shipping.


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