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Why more and more clothing brands choose wood for their setups

One thing you should know about us by now is that we love attending trade fairs: firstly to meet our clients, but also to stay updated on upcoming trends in order to better envision new display methods.

One of the things we’ve learned from our recent trips, particularly regarding children’s clothing, is the increasingly widespread choice of wooden displays.

Wooden displays, a growing trend

Sure, we might be biased, but it’s now clear how even in the clothing industry, this material is trending for display construction, representing an innovative and sustainable solution, a green style that not only grabs attention but holds it tight.

But why do more and more clothing brands decide to use wood for product displays?

Espositori abbigliamento bambino in legno

Displaying with wood: beautiful, sustainable, premium

The success of wood as a material for making displays obviously stems from its intrinsic beauty and warmth. Wood is “inviting”, it encourages us to approach and instantly enhances any environment.

To explain this trend, another aspect not to be underestimated is the focus on sustainability, a major theme that can no longer be ignored by companies in any sector, including clothing.

So what drives the trend of wooden displays in clothing is the aesthetic and ecological aspects, but there’s another important factor that favors this material: wood has always been synonymous with premium quality.

Wood is perceived as durable, sturdy, and more precious compared to other materials, such as plastic or metal. In short, when displayed on an elegant wooden support, every piece of clothing or accessory automatically becomes more attractive.

Functional minimalism: visible product, easy and quick assembly

But wouldn’t a wooden display be a bit too demanding?

Doesn’t such a solid piece of furniture steal attention from the product? And aren’t metal stands so easy to assemble, wouldn’t we complicate things with wooden ones?

With our interlocking wooden displays, there are no risks: our design philosophy is based on functional minimalism.

We believe that the product should be the absolute protagonist, which is why we create elegant and minimalist displays that maximize its value. Being present and counting without being seen is really difficult, but it’s the challenge we like to win every time we think about a new project.

Isola espositore in legno per abbigliamento Esposit
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In addition to minimal design, functionality is another of our mantras: our displays are very easy to assemble. Thanks to the interlocking system, no tools are needed, and our furniture is lightweight and takes up very little space once disassembled, because when we think of a functional display, we mean that it should be functional not only when it’s prominently displayed in the store, but in all phases, from transportation to storage.

And this applies to both floor displays and countertop displays; design and functionality know no size limits.

Espositore in legno per calzini con campione in vista Esposit

Exhibiting with style is already possible

We realize that, like all trends, it will take some time before wood becomes the standard, and we also know that metal stands currently represent an irreplaceable option for many, but it’s important to know that wooden clothing displays are already a viable path and are much more cost-effective than you might think.

We can personally testify how clothing brands are already successfully transitioning from traditional metal displays to those made of wood, we’ve even discussed it in this article.

Here you can find our range of wooden clothing displays, but if you’re still not convinced, we’ll be happy to address any doubts.



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