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How to transform and give value to the display of stationery products

“Sell me this pen”, so said the line from a famous movie where the skill of the salesperson was represented by making a banal object like a pen irresistible.

Indeed, stationery items such as pens, notebooks, agendas, and other similar articles are small, often used daily, and usually inexpensive, which is why their display is generally not given much importance, favoring functionality.

However, in recent years, thanks also to the rediscovery of planners and calligraphy, attention towards stationery products has increased, with increasingly wide ranges, more creativity, and an eye on sustainability; this change is reflected in exhibition needs: from pure functionality to the need to convey product values and attract consumers, in short, to sell the infamous pen.

espositori regolabili in legno per articoli ufficio Esposit 1-min
Espositori per zaini e borse ufficio regolabili in legno Esposit 2-min

The advantages of adjustable wooden displays in stationery

But how to combine the need to maintain a functional display while also adding greater value to these small objects?

A first answer is the choice of material: using a wooden display for stationery adds elegance and warmth; furthermore, the natural and durable material conveys prestige and enhances the product.

If the display is also versatile, then nothing is missing: the exclusive design of our adjustable display system allows it to be adapted to objects of any size and to modify the shelf configuration over time to combine organization and style in a single piece of furniture!

The beauty of wood with the versatility of the adjustable system

Our adjustable display system allows, with its great versatility, to position each item in its ideal place, perfectly organized, tidy, and within easy reach. Presenting agendas or pens in an elegant and original way immediately adds value to the products, but also to the spaces as a whole, because wood is not just a material, it is a furnishing element capable of radically transforming the display.

But what to do with our furniture when needs change and a layout refresh is needed?

Espositori regolabili in legno per cartolerie per prodotti da disegno Esposit
Espositori di biglietti di auguri e cartoleria in legno regolabili in diversi formati Esposit

Optimizing the Display

Still talking about the shopping experience, the key is to strategically position items and vary the display.

Over time, ranges expand, new products are launched, or simply the season changes: a banal example is the focus on agendas as the end of the year approaches.

If before it was necessary to use different furniture to adapt to the different sizes of the products displayed rotationally throughout the year or the range novelties, now thanks to the adjustable height shelves of our display system, we can place products of different heights on the same display.

Thanks again to the versatility of adjustable displays, we can use the same piece of furniture alternately for products that require horizontal shelves and for those that are more visible on inclined shelves, truly maximum versatility in a single display.

To summarize, thanks to the Esposit adjustable displays, it becomes easier to manage seasonal product rotation or highlight new launches, but also to move promotional products to better positions or simply change the range layout periodically, to keep the display always fresh and interesting.

Espositori in legno regolabili colorati per cancelleria Esposit
Espositore da banco in legno ad incastro per biglietti auguri Esposit

An organized experience for customers

The possibility of having a consistently organized display in a visually pleasing piece of furniture means for potential customers a more efficient and attractive navigation among stationery items, presenting products with style is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a way to improve the overall shopping experience.

If we then consider the possibility of easily changing the display, it’s easy to understand how this keep the customers’ interest hight.

More on the importance of wood

We’ve said it over and over, but we never get tired of reiterating it, and even in stationery, we can’t help but talk about how the intrinsic beauty of wood contributes to adding value to even the most banal products.

Not to mention the advantages of having a durable piece of furniture, which now that it’s adjustable is even more so: the same display allows different configurations, so a single piece of furniture adapts to changing needs over time (we know, we’ve already said this too).

And then let’s not forget about ease of assembly, lightness, portability, and the small space occupied when disassembled.

And again sustainability, both for the nature, it’s just the case to say, of the material and for durability, which increases for adjustable displays, which can be updated and reused, with benefits for the environment and also for the budget.

In summary, Esposit’s adjustable wooden displays for stationery are not just furniture, they are space transformers.

With their elegance and the practicality of adjustable design, they make organizing the point of sale easier and, above all, more effective.

But does wood really matter so much?

If you want proof of how using a wooden display can actually increase sales of a product, we recommend reading about our experience with Origamo, the 3D greeting cards.

Discover here our range of displays for stationery.


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