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How we created the perfect stand for Quercetti for trade shows in the United States

If you are an Italian brand of international fame that wants to be present at trade shows around the world, especially if you are used to custom-made setups, maybe delivered assembled turnkey, there are some challenges that sooner or later you might encounter (and that we are ready to answer…).

For example, how to manage in the United States a custom-made stand with fine finishes and internal lighting? And then, how is it possible to coordinate and execute everything with local installers ensuring an optimal final result? And also, how can we reuse the furniture several times without ruining it?

The answer? the solution is in the Esposit interlocking furniture!

dettaglio mobile retroilluminato stand fieristico in kit esposit

High-level wooden furniture

If you have read some articles on our blog, by now you will know us for our stands made with birch plywood structures, but as much as we love natural simplicity, we can add many different elements to these, capable of making the furniture unique and high-level. So in the Esposit stands we find not only the sustainability of wood, but also a professional and refined appearance, complete with internal lighting.

As in the case of Quercetti, a historic Turin brand of educational games, which we accompanied on its journey to trade shows in the United States.

The high-level stand in assembly kit

The request was to furnish the stand with the same mood used in Europe: a type of traditional setup, refined and elegant, both in design and materials, therefore with matte lacquered finishes, glass shelves and furniture with internal lighting to highlight the product.

The design of the stand was added to the real challenge of the project, which was to pack everything in a compact way, in crates ready for shipping by sea and that made it easy and convenient to store the structure on site, ready to be reassembled two or three times a year during the events that take place in the States.

The first stop of this tour was ToyFair in New York, in the February 2020 edition, the last one before a break that lasted until this year.

stand fieristico in kit quercetti esposit per gli usa

To create Quercetti’s stand, we started from our Move display to which we added all the identifying elements of the customer. These additional elements could be easily and quickly assembled with small hand tools, even by inexperienced staff thanks to the clear assembly instructions included.

The logistical requests were also fully met: all the furniture of the stand was stored in small crates (120 x 80 x h 120 cm) easy to handle in all phases.

We simplify complex projects

We therefore have a high-level stand with a complete furniture, just like the custom-made ones, but with all the advantages of the assembly kits.

This is possible thanks to our experience in the world of wood design, which allows us to manage in a simple way even the most complex projects.

We study the project, we simplify it one step at a time and the results are extraordinary!

Wherever you want to exhibit, Esposit finds the solution. Let’s design together.


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