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The customized display, the key to communicate in a ritail shop

On Esposit’s blog we have shown and told you about our displays, but what is a display exactly?

We have talked about shapes, functions, projects, sizes, logistics, but once these issues are solved, what is it really for? Many people do not understand the true function of a display, so much so that normally the first answer to the question we asked ourselves at the beginning is: “a piece of furniture” or a “wooden shelf”.

Espositori verniciatura personalizzata Esposit studio

Enhance the brand with the display

Of course it is not wrong to define it in this way, after all, it serves to contain and display products, but there is much more: the display is a temporary element (or even more elements) that is part of a marketing campaign in the shops and has the purpose of improving visibility, and therefore the possibility of purchase, of a product or a specific brand. In short, the display is certainly a piece of furniture, but with a specific purpose: to enhance a brand to improve its positioning, at the point of sale and more generally on the market.

Quality customizations

Precisely because of this function, the customization of the display is more important than the support itself. As we are taken by logistical issues we often forget that coloring, printing or screen printing are simple processes, but too often underestimated. A quality painting, full to the eye and soft to the touch, communicates the care of the product, gives it a greater value and positions it, together with the brand, at a higher level.

The care for packaging also includes the display

In light of these considerations we can really say that the display should be considered on par with product packaging, because it is an integral part of the customer’s choice experience and like packaging must therefore convey the quality of the brand and, why not , also its values (such as sustainability, for example).

An anonymous and poor quality display even if it stays within budget risks nullifying the investment made for customized packaging.

Precisely because we believe in the importance of displays as a communication and marketing tool, we have a department dedicated to customization where we continuously experiment with new solutions and materials. And this process starts already from the design: in fact, when we study with the customer the perfect solution, we take into account not only the functional and logistical aspects of the display, but also how to make it personal and useful to the product.

Espositori in legno con verniciatura personalizzata Esposit
Verniciatura espositori personalizzati in legno ad incastro Esposit

On our blog you can find some examples of how color study and quality painting can really change the face of a furniture, as in the case of Carioca (here) or Janod (here).

Espositore in legno Janod Esposit con stampa logo personalizzata
Espositore in legno Carioca con verniciatura personalizzata finish perlato

In our stories we try to convey to you the quality of finishes and how much difference it makes, but images and videos do not do justice. For this reason, the best thing is to come and visit us to see for yourself the customization process.

Contact us if you want to find out!


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