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A functional and colorful piece of furniture for marker leaders

Stationery shops are almost magical places that evoke memories of colorful albums and endless hours spent choosing the right colors. And there was no greater satisfaction than buying a new box of markers, choosing from the many displayed on the shelves.

However, the furniture on which those coveted boxes were displayed is decidedly less memorable than those moments, perhaps that is why CARIOCA® chose us to create impactful displays, to enhance their product and distinguish it from the competition.

Espositore per pennarelli Carioca per cartoleria e gdo

CARIOCA® is a brand that has been coloring childhood for over 50 years

It was founded in 1965 by the Turin-based company Universal, one of the world leaders in writing instruments.

Its product range includes markers, colored pencils, paints, pastels, and many other items that allow children to express their creativity. And speaking of nostalgia, who doesn’t remember Carioca Jò, the mascot still present on all CARIOCA® packaging today? In short, it is an historical brand with a strong identity and many different products, which need to be highlighted in retail shops.

Designing a creative and impactful display may seem easy, but it takes great design skills to bring together practical aspects, and this is where Esposit’s expertise comes in.

Give space to color, especially when it’s done well

As you may already know, our displays are made of interlocking wood, and the choice of material is already one way to distinguish the product from the competition, which mainly uses paper-based displays in this sector.

We have, therefore, already achieved the first point of differentiation, enhancing the product simply thanks to the characteristics of wood. If the finish is then done with the utmost care, the difference becomes even more evident.

For CARIOCA®, we designed a very colorful piece of furniture, which reflects both the nature of the product, the markers, and the multicolored logo: we used a high-definition digital printing process that allows us to print the outer edge of the display without leaving any blank space. The beauty, and we can say it, is in the five different colors, made even more beautiful and brilliant thanks to the pearlescent finish.

Esposit per Carioca espositore con ganci e ripiani regolabili
Fianco espositore Esposit per Carioca con fiancate verniciate

If the product range is wide, the display becomes versatile.

Of course, creating a beautiful display is important, but there are also practical needs to consider, as in this case, the challenge was represented by the large quantity and variety of the product range. There were many different packs, both standing and hanging. In addition, there were many different product lines, and all of these needed to be taken into account when designing the display layout.

To accommodate all these products, we equipped our display with wire hooks for hanging packs and adjustable shelves for standing ones, offering maximum flexibility in just one meter of space.

In addition, the distribution of displays, which can be found in Italy and Spain, includes different types and sizes of retail stores. Therefore, we have created a smaller display with the same quality of printing, which reflects the colors and graphics of the larger display, to ensure consistency in all different display settings.

As always, logistics were also taken into consideration, with the larger displays packaged in 120cm-long boxes, which fit perfectly on standard pallets of 120 x 80 cm.

The display created for CARIOCA® is truly beautiful to look at, perfectly in line with the brand, standing out to the competition. And the versatility in its configuration makes it unique in its kind. In short, it’s everything that Esposit has to offer.


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