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With Converge, the advantages of interlocking furniture reach overseas.

We have already extensively discussed how interlocking wooden furniture is a solution for complex retail needs (as an example here), trade shows (as in this case), and even multifunctional spaces (discover how here), but we can testify how Esposit demonstrates its advantages in the convention world thanks to the Converge project.

Convention Converge con arredo ad incastro Esposit

Many events for the same formula

Converge is a Canadian IT software and services company that organizes a large number of events throughout the year in hotels and conference centers. Even though they are in different geographic areas, in the spaces where presentations and conventions are organized, we find common characteristics: a large meeting room, an area dedicated to breaks and networking, and a large adjacent space that houses exhibition stands for the presentation of products, brands, and sponsors related to the event.

And it is precisely for this last exhibition area that the advantages of Esposit products have been maximized, which we can summarize in three different characteristics:

  • The nature of interlocking system

Presentation tours, congresses, and conventions are itinerant in nature and develop through many scheduled appointments, with the need for quick assembly and disassembly without being too demanding. Not to mention that the furniture used must be robust, to withstand the stress of handling and these repeated assembly and disassembly operations.

Interlocking wooden furniture naturally meets these requirements, as they are quickly assembled without the use of tools, are durable since they are made of a more solid material than others usually used for this type of setup, and are lightweight. It should also be added that the aesthetic factor plays its part, with an attractive design that enhances the brand even when the product is “intangible.”

  • Logistical convenience

As we now know well, but like to repeat, thanks to interlocking, once the Esposit furniture is disassembled, it takes up very little space, which obviously facilitates logistics and reduces costs since we send products to assemble.

  • Customization capability

The design not only impacts transportation but also allows us to respond to customer customization needs. For this project, we created products made to measure at the customer’s request. For the table, we started with our Console, to which we increased the height to 95 cm, which makes it more comfortable to work on PCs while standing. For the Fiero counter, we added a display panel to the top where graphics signs can be applied, which can be changed depending on the event.

Bancone e tavolo da convention in legno ad incastro Esposit
Render Consolle e Bancone Fiero personalizzati per Converge

Using the interlock technique thus allows us to overcome the logistical and design limitations of the competition, to the point of being able to manage the production of made-to-measure furniture for overseas shipping.

And if we manage it overseas, imagine what we can do with customers closer to us.


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