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A line of furniture that enhances the workspace and everyday life

On this blog, we have often talked about our philosophy: we create furniture that is easy, lightweight, and sustainable. These same principles have been applied to Karya, the new office furniture line by Esposit.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter (if not, you can sign up here) or if you follow us on LinkedIn (if you haven’t, you can do so here), you may already be aware of this news and may have even taken a first look at the Karya collection. However, like any important innovation, we believe it deserves a few more words.

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Let’s get comfortable

Whether it’s in a home office or a corporate setting, we spend a significant amount of our time working, often underestimating the impact that furniture has on our well-being and productivity. That’s why office furniture should help us maintain an ergonomic posture, keep everything organized and within reach, and withstand the demands of long hours of use.

h the Karya collection of office furniture, our aim is to create workspaces that are not only highly functional but also pleasant, becoming the preferred place for finding inspiration, fostering concentration, and unleashing creativity.

Karya products have been designed by PlayWood‘s designers precisely to enhance the workspace, giving it character and harmony, and transforming it into a place of ideas and inspiration.

These furniture pieces allow you to create a functional environment while keeping spaces more organized, thanks to clever little details that help keep everything in its place.

The lines, colors, finishes, and materials bring harmony to the surroundings, promoting concentration. And to put it simply… they are beautiful.

Good reasons to choose Karya

Now that we’ve mentioned how beautiful they are, let’s explain the reasons for furnishing your space with Karya. These reasons align with why our customers choose Esposit products, but a recap is always helpful:

The minimal and elegant design: Inspired by Nordic style, the Karya collection features modern and distinctive lines that make the furniture original and recognizable.

Harmony between functionality and quality: This collection combines essential design with functionality, creating timeless furniture that is robust, designed, and built to last.

Sustainability and natural materials: Karya embraces materials that are good for the future of the planet and provide a soothing environment.

Furniture Made in Italy: Karya furniture is proudly made in Italy, encompassing the best of Italian craftsmanship and innovation.

Lightweight and easy assembly: Like other PlayWood products, Karya emphasizes the use of wood and interlocking joints, complemented by the innovative plastic connector system developed by PlayWood.

By choosing Karya, you embrace a design philosophy that blends simplicity, elegance, and functionality. The collection’s sustainable materials and Italian craftsmanship ensure that you are investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture that enhances your workspace while caring for the environment. The lightweight construction and easy assembly further contribute to the practicality and user-friendliness of the Karya line.

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Beyond the Interlocking system, There’s PlayWood

We just mentioned that Karya furniture is created using a happy combination of interlocking joints and PlayWood connectors, but what does that mean?

PlayWood is an innovative assembly system that uses patented plastic connectors to securely join panels ranging from 15 to 19 mm in thickness, without the need for drilling. In other words, forget about the drill; all you need is an Allen wrench.

These connectors are proudly Made in Italy and made from safe and durable materials. They can be reused as many times as you want, they are sturdy, easy to use, and allow for quick panel assembly.

So, once again, everything is made easy, lightweight, and sustainable. The PlayWood connectors provide a practical and efficient solution for assembling Karya furniture, eliminating the need for traditional joinery methods and simplifying the construction process.

A comprehensive line for offices, home offices, and co-working spaces

But let’s get back to the products: the line consists of six desks, four bookcases, two tables, and a range of accessories such as monitor and laptop stands, as well as a practical coat hanger.

Everything you need to furnish any workspace in a streamlined, creative, and functional way. Not to mention, thanks to the easy assembly, Karya office furniture is perfect for environments that require frequent configuration changes.

We will discuss each product in detail because there is so much to tell. However, for now, we can share that if you purchase (here) furniture from the Karya and Rialto collections (we’ll be talking about this other exciting news soon…), shipping is free throughout Europe.

What do you think of our Karya line? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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